Minigame Update + Other Improvements

After getting some feedback about the mini-games, I reworked them to be less confusing and better overall.


  • Now you can only select one sentence fragment at a time.
  • The "submit" button is non-interactive and grayed-out until you select the right half-truth.
  • The half-truths change color as well as growing in size now, to make it more obvious which one you selected.


  • Chapter transitions are no longer skippable on the first play-through, so you don't click past them.
  • Clarified J's logic so you know what you're doing going into the fourth mini-game.
  • Adding ticking sounds to the end of Chapter 3 to go with the dialogue.
  • Made it so ticking sounds will no longer cut each other off.
  • Fixed a dialogue mistake.

Of course the last thing I feel like doing after completing a game is having to go back in and fix stuff — but it's usually  worth it, and I think that the game is definitely better now.


— LockedOff.

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Mar 27, 2019
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