Update 1.5 - Flowchart and New Menus!

The New Load Menu

The menus receive an upgrade in the latest version of Broken Minds

Sorry it took so long for this update to come out — it was a bit more work than my last few.

At last I've implemented a flowchart screen into Broken Minds! I won't show it in this post, but basically the screen will help you navigate the different routes and endings of Broken Minds, as outlined in the Player's Guide. If you've already played through the game, just know that the flowchart will appear after you've seen the credits, so if you want to activate it, hopefully you have a save near the end of the game to jump to.

I've also updated the Save/Load menus to look less crappy, and I've even added a music room, which is accessible from the options menu.

I don't think the update will corrupt your save files, but I was catching some weird lag issue after the "Flowchart Unlocked" screen shows after the credits. It's not game-breaking though.

There's also one thing I couldn't really fix, also not game-breaking: pressing the "ESC" key will usually highlight the wrong menu button on the in-menu navigation. The only serious harm that could come from that is that someone could think they were on the "Load" menu when they're on the "Save" menu, or vice versa. There is a difference between them: the load menu's background is in black and white, and the save menu's is in color. Anyway, just watch out for that.


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Broken Minds - Mac Version 1 GB
Version 10 Feb 17, 2018
Broken Minds - Windows Version 1 GB
Version 10 Feb 17, 2018
Broken Minds - Linux Version 1 GB
Version 2 Feb 16, 2018

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