Broken Egg now Live for!

Broken Egg is a light novel sequel to Broken Minds.

You can now download the pdf just by purchasing the game — and it should be available to you if you've already bought it!

I recommend playing through at least one route of Broken Minds before you read it, although it contains no major spoilers for people who haven't played Broken Minds. Still, if you'd like the "official Broken Minds experience", reading it afterword is the way to go. Here's a quick summary:

It's December 6th, 1996.

Shiro Kyashaba is dead, and bits of her have been stuffed into an egg, delivered to her sister. The YPDA attempts to solve this case, doing a typically terrible job. Features some illustrations and all-new looks for the detectives you know and hate!

Anyway, thanks for reading. Enjoy!

— LockedOff.


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Apr 15, 2018

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