The Reiwa Era

May 1st, 2019.

It's now, like, the end of the Heisei Era. Nobody really liked him anyway. In the brand? New? Reiwa era? Things will be a lot different?

In the Reiwa era, there won't be gross things like bread sweat or market-based economies. Everything will be 100% provided by me. You will all get glasses, but only non-prescription. They will be sunglasses.

Sunglasses are my favorite shades.

Congratulations to the new Emperor? I love how emperors still exist but like, in an ornamental way like how my lamp complements my rug, that's soooooo cool? Imagine if the emperor didn't match my rug? Yuck

Keep on doing those awesome emperor things.


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This un-broke my spirit. I was in a bit of a spiral, but - aha, okay, no puns, promise.

Also, Reiwa truly is the hero we never knew we needed. Can we wear the sunglasses at night? I feel like that might qualify as somewhere in-between bread sweat and market-based economies but iunno -

By the way, thanks for the Spiral update! It's a small thing, but it makes the re-read that much better. Uh, in closing

Teeth are not jagged
when fashionably sharp;
it's called style.

Much obliged and thanks for the Reiwa status report, Reiwa.


Thanks! Great haiku! That inspires me to make a haiku mini-game of some kind. But only if it's pointlessly complicated.


Sounds like the best/only worthy kind of mini-game, if you ask me. 
(And in the spirit of the Reiwa era, I'm answering even if you didn't ask me. I'm sorry.)

Honestly, just from what you've shared of her, I can kinda see Midori as the type of protagonist who agrees to a Haiku Slam Battle only to be stuck thinking of something like...

Your words are lame
as the thing you just said
dang; haiku are hard.

Really, though? Whatever mini-games end up being present, you know we're psyched for them.


Absolutely. Midori isn't very creative haha