Update 1.4 — Walkthrough, Linux version

I wrote a simple walkthrough to make the experience more fun, which should be available to download if you purchased the game (if you are unable to for some reason, comment below!)

I recommend only using the walkthrough after your first playthrough, to have the proper Broken Minds experience. Also, nobody's asking, but in my humble opinion the best way to experience the game is to play by selecting "Nice" from the emoji mood choice screen whenever possible, and then literally do anything else for the other playthroughs, (see the walkthrough for how to get to those main moods you missed!) I call it the "thorough walkthrough playthrough throughway"!

Other news:

I made a very, very small adjustment to the game, which was uploaded in a new patch. It's probably not even worth mentioning, but... oh, fine. I changed the color of one of the icons. Yup, that's it.

Oh, and I also made a Linux version, because, why not? Ren'py lets me do so, so what was I waiting for?

A more exciting update will occur sometime in the future because I'm implementing a flow chart menu (which will also update the "Save" and "Load" menus, which are too similar looking). My biggest challenge with it is portraying certain choices in a visually clear and pleasing way.

I am also working on a little light novel in pdf form that will be included when you purchase the game.

And that is it for this time. Thanks for reading.

— LockedOff, 2017.

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