New Update!

I just updated the full game (demo versions are unaffected).

I highly recommend you download this update (don't worry, your save files will not be affected — although, depending on how far you got in the game, some of them MAY have become corrupted. If so, playing the game from "start" should fix them).

Bug fixes:

Fixed glitch causing true ending to loop, preventing you from reaching the other true ending or playing the game further. Yikes!


Added "Station Tags" to the Wheel of Fallacies. Now you won't forget which station you're on!

Changed wording on the "Frame" choices for the good route.

Unfortunately, I wasn't able to fix the issue with cutscenes not appearing. It appears to be entirely Ren'Py's fault, as sometimes they play and sometimes they don't, completely at random. The good news is, if you sense that you missed a cutscene, you can press the "Back" button and try again until you see it, which you can do for every cutscene except the dream one.

You can also access cutscenes from the Extras menu, which unlocks after you've seen both true endings.


— LockedOn


Broken Minds - Mac Version 1 GB
Version 5 Nov 14, 2017
Broken Minds - Windows Version 1 GB
Version 5 Nov 14, 2017

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