Release XII // Chapters 28, 29 & 30

Release XII is here!

Seeing as it's just after midnight, I guess I missed my deadline... the reason that happened was because I wanted to add the CG of Haney in the ticket booth, and that set takes a very long time to render. However, I was finished with the Release before midnight, it just took a very long time to upload (the size of the game keeps getting bigger!)

Release XII includes three new chapters, five interviews, and two music tracks! With this release, currently there are interviews for every detective. However, next Release will be introducing basically a whole new cast for the next arc, so I'll be able to keep putting out new interviews.

This Release also has a slight fix: In the "Severance Pay" mystery, the hotel door was actually open the wrong way in 779's "hypothetical scenario". I wanted to make other improvements, but with the large amount of new sets in this Release, I didn't have time.

Next Release will be very exciting — the train is my favorite location in the novel. I've always liked mysteries set on trains.

Until next time.

— LockedOn.


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I realise you might have brushed up against the deadline, but this chapter gave me a lot of Locomotivation! Heh, and I also agree. Something kinda classical about mysteries and trains, right..? 

First off, I think chapter 28 was the funniest chapter I've read, in a sea of chapters that've had me in stitches. There was so much going on, too, and I liked a lot of the little set building - seeing some of the hints from earlier get called back means I'll need to replay the game, or at the very least, the GMs' segments.  You also put a lot of work into the backgrounds, I can tell; I especially liked the station. Glad things seem to be working out on that front!

While we all need money for the spirits, I hope the spirits - like a train, or perhaps an oreo - keep chugging along for you.  And of course, when every character's been introduced, you can always add more to prior interviews; I check back on them, force of habit. In closing, though, great update - and looking forward to what comes next!


There will definitely come a point where all the characters have been introduced, but it won't be for a while — when I add a new question I'll definitely mention it so you don't have to keep checking :) 

As far as where it's going next — some of my favorite characters are introduced the "Stage Three" arc so I'm pretty excited. :)