Methods Mystery Poll // v1 (Ends 10/3/19)

My computer is back from the shop and running rather well — Photoshop didn't crash and I was able to make the graphic for this post!
Now that Methods has featured ten mysteries, I figured that would be enough for the first Methods Mystery Poll!

Use this link to fill out the survey and let me know how you rank the mysteries!


Release XII is on its way... ;)

— LockedOn.

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Done! After some internal debate, I ranked them based on a combination of which I felt were the best from a 'mystery' perspective, and those which I enjoyed most. Unfortuantely, given that Chapter 18 was not on the list, I was not able to rate the best mystery thus far.  This makes me grievously sad with sorrow, and summing it all up with a latin phrase of prodigial wit & verve, I weep.

Seriously, though. Glad to hear things seem to be on the mend! :)


Haha — yes, I wondered if I should put the Lord Loomy mystery and the Martini Olive mystery in the poll... but I decided it made a little more sense for it to be just the official contest mysteries for now. Though a later poll may include them! :)