Release XI // Chapters 26 & 27

Release XI is here!

Release XI includes two new chapters, two bios, a new music track and five interviews. It also fixes some issues with the last Release -- the "Trigger Chains" minigame has been changed so that the "columns" are now a "word cloud", which should hopefully make it more intuitive, and I changed the color of the highlighted words to blue to make them more readable. Other small fixes include a new CG (I swear I'm done tinkering with Nell's goodbye moment now), the bug with being unable to read previous chapters has been fixed, and I also spruced up the casefile a little.

The OST has been updated with the new track and a new file format -- WAV:

This release was somewhat hampered by a weird bug with Photoshop where it won't let me select anything, then crashes. It's come up quite a few times now... hope it won't be too much of an issue.

I forgot that this Release was the one with the mystery in it... another mystery won't be popping up again for about five chapters. That's a good thing, because Stage Three is just around the corner, and it requires some extensive modeling and many new character sprites.

Keep your eyes peeled...

-- LockedOn.


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Hmn, that sure sounds like a problem. I've heard that some of the latest updates from Adobe aren't playing nice with everyone's setups - did it autoupdate, lately? A friend who had a different problem - her installation just randomly froze, hung, and only closed after being force-terminated - remove + reinstalled, and that seemed to do the trick. For now. 

That might not be an option, but, well, hope it helps some.
For what it's worth, my audio has been lagging/stuttering like terrible, recently. Here's to hoping both can be fixed up...

Really liked the new CG, and the case; and both Dr. Kips (rip, kips) and Everreave have great designs (in a sea of great designs) - I also really liked Sess and Roel's interviews. And the chapter closer, well, out-of-game, he might not have that problem, but in-game... Yeah, I can understand why. Feels like the tension's ratcheting up, and farewell my beloved locked room mysteries! (That I couldn't even solve on my own anyway, uh, dang...)

I'll update this with favourite track info later. For now, thanks for all the hard work - looking to see the story chapters ensuing!


Thanks so much! I'm sad to see the locked rooms go myself... it's a simple set-up with an inherent impossibility to it that really isn't that impossible at all because there are so many angles you can create a solution from -- which is very convenient for me! Yeah I don't know what's causing the issue (basically when I try to click on a window, it just crashes). But it's CS5 and I'm running Mojave on my Mac, so that may be an issue... I also think it's likely due to this computer running out of RAM, so getting an upgrade is something I'm currently weighing the pros and cons of. :)