Methods Released on Steam!

Methods is now on Steam!

Check out the Steam page here:

I have provided 1000 Steam keys here on, and I will supply more if those run out.
Here is a guide on how to get your Steam key if you own the game here on

I'm crossing my fingers that the Steam version will work on Windows and Linux — I was unable to test it myself — so if someone could let me know if it works, that'd be a huge relief.

The Broken Minds update is on its way, but it's taken me longer than I thought it would due to some frustrating computer mouse issues I'm having and the tediousness of the work involved — it will be out either today or tomorrow.

In other important news...

My website has a brand-new url:! I'll be putting out a post today about the re-ignition of Pageturner 3's development.

Stay safe!

— LockedOn.

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If I remember correctly, I got the game when it was temporarily free at some point (that happened, right? I'm not just making that up? Haha, my memory is shit.) so the game is attached to my itch account, but when I had the downloads email sent to me, Methods was not on there. Am I eligible for a steam key? If not, will Steam let me leave a review for Methods if I download the demo there? I gotta give a thumbs up!

Yup, it was free back in May — you should be eligible but some people are have trouble getting the keys. I'm not sure if the demo lets you leave a review, but in any case, I'll just give you a Steam key here since it sounds like you can't find it: C4RJG-LQM7M-HP0R7

Enjoy :)


Thank you so much! :)


Sorry to bother, but I don't see any Steam Keys in the download page? It only shows the Methods zip file :(


Sorry about that — in the meantime, here's a key: VWTKA-57FJ9-IB0E0 Let me know if that works. I don't know what's going on, but I saw a thread saying that contacting support could help.


Thank you! I got a copy of the Steam version now.


The Steam key thing didn't work for me for some reason.

Sorry for the trouble! For now here's a Steam key: 5V2FL-NMIC8-FZ5B3 Hope that works! :)


Thank you so much!


everything works fine on steam i alreddy finished the first 10 chapters  :)


Awesome!! Thanks — That's such a relief :)