New Trailer

The new trailer for Methods has arrived, and the Steam store page is on the way!

I also updated the game a few times to fix some spelling/grammar errors, and Nell's sprite — her thumbs were on the wrong side in one pose, and some proportions were pretty far off.

I'm probably going to continue to make tiny adjustments and fix spelling errors up until the June 1st Steam release. Unfortunately, my progress on implementing Steam Achievements has been stalled by an error having to do with Ren'Py. I have no idea what to do on my end, I've tried everything that I can think of with my limited coding knowledge, and so far the creator of Ren'Py — apparently the only person who would know how to fix it — hasn't gotten back to me.

The game may not launch with Steam Achievements after all, which would be a bit disappointing, but not the worst thing ever (Broken Minds doesn't have them either)... as soon as I can get past this glitch, I will implement them.

Until next time,

— LockedOn.

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will the price on steam be the same as here or diffferent?


It'll be the same across all platforms. I'm going to have Steam keys available for people who downloaded the game here though :)

Deleted 3 years ago

that's really nice of you but how do you know which people bought the game and which downloaded it when it was free?


I don't, but the alternative is not offering Steam keys at all, so I'd rather just offer Steam keys and if someone got the game while it was free, so be it. :)


well am going to be honest about it i respect your work very much on this game so i wont lie about it yes i downloaded when it was free why? well 2 reasons it was free so why not that was an obvious reason and the second reason is i cant pay here on itch i dont have credit cards and all so the way of paying a game here on itch is impossible for me i only have free games here on itch its a shame there are some really interesting games here that i wish i could buy them i buy them on steam though but anyway am not gonna lie to you for getting a steam key afcourse if you would gave me one that would be really awesome afcourse i would be very gratefull but i understand if you would not that's okay to one way or another i will get this game on steam either by a steam key or i will buy it myself but since your worked so hard and good on this game i did not want to lie to you that would not be respectful.


That's fine! Steam keys will be available to everyone who downloaded it here. I don't mind if you got it for free, that's what the giveaway was for after all. :)