Release XXXIX // Chapters 96 & 97

Release XXXIX is here!

Release XXXIX contains two chapters, two CGs, two music tracks and a behind-the-scenes article!

Well, would you look at that — it's Friday! I met my weekly deadline for the first time in a long time! Which is great, because it means I won't feel as rushed while working on the final three chapters of Methods.

The final three chapters will have more content than usual, as you can imagine. Because they're the final chapters, this is the last time you'll get to see that message at the end about the release schedule and all that.

Finally finishing a very long project is extremely motivating — I have to make sure I don't start drafting up a bunch of super ambitious stuff now!

I'll go into more detail about what's to come for Methods next week... when all of the chapters are complete.

Until then!

— LockedOn.


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Hello! I finally got to finish the game until the last chapter you uploaded and I just wanted to say (in my poor English, sorry) it's  an amazing work! I couldn't stop playing this past week and I'm really excited to find out what happens in the end so lots of encouragement on my part ! The story is so intricate (and so long!), characters so different from each other and interesting (and their sprites and style are perfect for them indeed), dialogue so full of rhythm and details and the mystery of the competition  hooks you up. It's not boring for a moment. I've followed your other works in the past and I must say I think you really know how to play with thoughts while creating stories. Like having a fresh perspective on how to present different ways to think before the player; not just telling a plot, but breaking the wall between us and the narrative to make us employ our brains (which is, yes, refreshing in a way). And all in a graphic way. It's amazing :) So anyway, good luck this week and keep up the good job! 

Wow, thank you so much! I really appreciate your comment! That's a really interesting analysis — I do try to give a bit of a wink to the player and I always keep in mind what someone might be thinking while they're reading it, but I'm surprised you picked up on that! I hope the final chapters live up to your expectations :)


am not gonna lie i had this game on my ich account from the moment the very first chapters were made BUT i never played more then chapter 1 i wanted to wait until the full game was released and now its almost upon us yes its true i only played chapter 1 and when all 100 chapters are out am gonna play them all i cant wait:D

You have a lot of patience!! :) That's awesome!


I can't believe we're almost there. And speaking of twists, hoooooo...

No matter what comes next, you better believe I'm excited for it. I hadn't anticipated the possibility of that particular imitation, gonna leave this blank because it's pretty important for what happens these chapters... I did have some thoughts on Porroby,  and having picked up on something felt pretty neat!

There's actually loads I want to say, but I feel like saying too much would almost be distracting... Really good work especially chapter 97, and I'm glad your motivation is high up.

Don't overdraw too many ideas, but do keep riding it high - it's really cool to have been here for the whole project, and to have seen it build up so well..!

I'll miss the closing card in the game, and almost want to request it be preserved as a CG or something - as a treat! - but I think that might be pushing things. Anyway. Congrats on meeting your deadline, feel free to take what time is needed for the last three chapters, and I legit cannot wait to read them!

(The BTS on mysteries was excellent; I tend to agree that the best way to imagine them is to - well, write them! And I've got a few ideas about how a scoreboard in-game could work in similar projects, but I feel like I'll discuss that after Methods is finished.)

Fantastic work.


Thanks! Well, I forgot that that card is still going to be part of the demo, so it'll be around in a sense. :)